Hi From Tim

A quick word from Tim Sharp.

Hello everybody. 

I love drawing Laser Beak Man it makes me happy. I was born to do this. I love having exhibitions when I get to meet lots of people and make new friends.  It is a dream come true that Laser Beak Man is on TV and has his own animated series. I love being an artist and I get to travel a lot.  I have been  to New York, London, Sydney, Melbourne,  Los Angeles, Chicago, Memphis and Nashville Tennessee.  I get to  make a lot of friends from all around the world.

 I got to do a TEDxSydney Talk at the Sydney Opera House and that is one of the best things I have ever done. I loved it! Especially when all the people stood up and cheered for me. In 2015 went to New York City to work on the Theatre Production of Laser Beak Man with Dead Puppet Society at the New Victory Theatre on 42nd Street. !

I love making art, doing speaking engagements, making friends and making people happy.  I have a wonderful life.